What’s Productivity?

Organisational Productivity is about assessing and improving efficiency and effectiveness throughout the organisation.

Over the last century the focus of improving organisational productivity has shifted to keep pace with the challenges facing organisations in both the public and private sectors.  In this respect productivity models can be recognised as including an:

  • Efficiency Model that focuses on the efficiency with which resources, such as equipment, materials, energy, and people are used to achieve outputs.  In this respect productivity can be seen to focus on efficiencies at the process level.

  • Quality Model focusing on the efficiency in the way resources are used, and the effectiveness of outputs/outcomes to meet or surpass customer/citizen expectations.  In this respect productivity can be seen to focus in improving quality.

  • Soft Productivity Model that focuses on both direct and indirect issues affecting organisational performance such as leadership; role performance; organisational structures; risk management; and governance issues.  In this respect other efficiency and effectiveness aspects within an organisation are looked at in terms of how the organisation manages itself and its resources.

  • SEE Sustainability Model which integrates productivity within the context of social, environmental, and economic issues.  In this respect productivity takes a cost benefit approach to how the organisation impacts both internally and externally SEE Sustainability perspective.

From this it can be seen that the idea of productivity remains alive and relevant to contemporary challenges facing organisations, and that increasingly a systemic perspective is required to understand and improve organisational productivity both within and externally.

Managing and improving organisational productivity affects all organisational priorities whether public or private sector, and there are many productivity methodologies that have been developed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the systems that underpin organisational productivity.

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